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Every Physical Condition Begins as an Energetic One

Being in pain can bring up a variety of emotions — frustration, anger, sadness, depression — but what if emotions weren’t the result of pain but rather the cause of it?

Clients often end up working with me after they’ve exhausted the traditional medical route, where many only experienced temporary relief at best. 

While Western medicine has its place, I think all too often it trains us to think about our body as a machine made up of individual parts, rather than an energetic ecosystem that functions as a whole and whose master is the mind. 

Everything is Energy

At the root of all living and nonliving things is energy. You are composed of energetic particles that make up your body and your energy field. That means that you also have a vibration and a frequency. You have your own unique energy signature. Much like your fingerprint, it belongs only to you. 

Every emotion also has a unique vibration. Joy is a much lighter vibration than grief. You can feel the difference between the two in your body. An emotion is simply energy in motion. You project your emotions into your energy field. Just enter a room where two people were having an argument and you can feel that heaviness and still experience the tension. This is because you’re reading and sensing the energy. 

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re always sensing and responding to other people’s energy and emotions, as well as your own. This energy is meant to flow through and around you. When it doesn’t it can get stuck in your body. It’s similar to a river that’s meant to flow uninterrupted. When you take on someone else’s energy or repress your own emotions, the energy gets stuck like a dam in the river. 

That dam or energy block can have widespread effects on your entire body. You might experience this as a heaviness or lack of energy and vitality. It might feel like depression, lethargy or sadness. Like something is slowly draining your battery.

This is often what’s going on when you go to the doctor because you’re feeling off, but all the tests come back negative.

A physical symptom, illness or disease first begins as an energetic block or imbalance. Your body’s infinite wisdom cues you to the fact that something isn’t right. But so often we second guess our intuition in favor of a diagnosis or begin to believe it’s all in our head. 

At this stage, receiving energy work or partnering with a medical intuitive can be extremely beneficial. 

How Repressed Emotions Manifest as Pain 

One of the universal laws of energy is that it expands. Essentially this means that if you continue to repress your emotions, the emotion, which is composed of energy, will expand and grow. The body does its best to contain the problem. But eventually the lid on that jar in which you stuffed down all of those emotions, will pop off. 

Your biology also begins to adapt to this energy. The latest epigenetics research shows that essentially what you think and feel (your emotions) dictate your biology at the cellular level. Your hormones and blood chemistry also adjust to support these changes. While the environment also factors into this, your mind, thoughts and beliefs have a major impact on your health and on your body. 

Once the energetic imbalance becomes too much for your body to manage, it finally manifests as pain. Accidents, injuries, pain and other symptoms are your body’s way of getting your attention. Pain is a request for change. 

The change your body is requesting is for you to work the heavy energy out of your body. This can only happen when you understand why the energy is there in the first place and what healing needs to take place. 

Sometimes medical intervention is a necessary piece. But a problem will only truly resolve once the energetic cause is addressed. When it’s not, often the symptom only moves to a different area of the body. This is how you can spend years chasing pain around the body, but never uncovering the root cause of the problem. 

Your body is meant to heal. Nothing in nature remains broken. You were designed to become whole again. When you allow yourself to be fully present in your body and with your emotions, you allow yourself to grow and you become more aligned with who you truly are.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey? Find out more about how we can work together.

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