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Why You’re Not Destined to Become Your Parents — Or Their Health Issues

Are you worried about developing your mom’s arthritic hands or your dad’s heart condition?

Just because you’re genetically related, doesn’t mean you’re destined to have the same family health history. 

I see so many clients waiting for the other shoe to drop, expecting to develop the same medical conditions as their parents.

While you share your family’s genetics, you also share their energy. From birth to around age 6, you were like a sponge, absorbing the beliefs, words, actions and ways of dealing with (or not dealing with) emotions as those around you. 

The more we learn about epigenetics, the more science shows us how powerful our environment is in determining our health outcomes.

One of the biggest environmental influences is your own thoughts. Because of the enormous power your thoughts and emotions have on your own chemistry, you’re literally creating your own reality based on your beliefs.

And who do you inherit the majority of your beliefs from? Who’s actions do you imitate from early on?

Your parents or caregivers. 

Monkey see, monkey do! Your early caregivers taught you how to interpret the world from a very early age. You were too young to think critically yet, so everything you saw resonated as truth, including the limiting beliefs and emotional availability of the people you were around the most. 

If you don’t do the work to stop and assess these beliefs for yourself, you’ll likely carry them around as your own, relying on them well into adulthood.

It’s so important to understand that your caregivers still had their own wounds and healing work to do as they were raising you. They were doing the best they could at the time.

These limiting beliefs carry an emotional and an energetic load. Emotions are energy in motion. Certain places in the body are prone to storing certain emotions. This energy can get stuck in your joints, organs and tissues, creating energetic blocks. When energy is blocked, it can lead to physical and emotional challenges and eventually illness, chronic pain or disease.

How Emotions Manifest as Physical Symptoms

Specific emotions can pair with certain places in the body. For instance, the energy of grief tends to be held in the lungs and heart chakra, whereas feeling unsupported, burdened by other people’s problems or worrying about money often shows up in the lower back.  

There isn’t a definite rule as to where certain emotions are stored, but there are common places associated with specific emotions and how they manifest as various symptoms, pain and illness in the body. If you’re curious about which emotions correspond to different parts of your body, You can download a quick guide here.

If your mom developed an ulcer before company came over and now you develop them during stressful times, instead of running for the antacid because you have your mom’s “sensitive stomach,” let’s look at this through a different lens. 

Let’s go deeper than assuming you inherited the same health issue and begin by examining what beliefs, emotions and coping patterns you picked up from your mom. How did your mom cope with stress? Did she ever ask for help or put her own needs first? Now ask yourself these same questions. 

The next time you find yourself saying “I have the same crick in my neck as my mom” or “I carry my stress in my low back just like my dad” stop and dig into what beliefs you’ve picked up in childhood that are ready to be reexamined. 

Steps to Heal

Neck pain frequently corresponds with being inflexible or stubborn. To get to the root of the issue, take a look at where you are currently resisting change or a potential opportunity. How can you see this from a different perspective? What fears around change are coming up for you? Then feel this in your body, seeing how you can bring in a deeper sense of trust, trusting that everything is working out for you. Finally, find new beliefs that resonate and reinforce these new messages you’re sending to your body. 

Then focus on how fluid and flexible your neck feels. What you focus on grows, so focus less on the symptoms you’re fearing and more on the positive beliefs you’re reinforcing.

Are you ready to go deeper and heal the underlying cause of of physical limitations and chronic ailments for good? If so, let’s talk! Find out more about how we can work together.

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