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How to Trust Your Intuition

Knock knock, is anybody home?

For so long, I could feel pain in my body, blaring like a loudspeaker, but when I tried to connect to my body, it was like the door slammed shut. 

So many of us don’t know who we are or what we truly desire at a soul level because metaphorically we’re not home. We’re disconnected from our bodies and our intuition. For many of us, it happens at a very young age. 

If your house is on fire, you instinctively flee. To the body, chronic stress and traumas large and small feel like that fire. They drive us out of our house because it doesn’t feel safe there. Some of us escape into a fantasy world, a mythical safe place we create for ourselves in order to avoid feeling more pain. Others learn how to tune out or to numb any heavy feelings with substances, food or over exercising.

When this dissociation occurs, it can feel like you’ve mentally checked out, have brain fog or like you’re ungrounded or having trouble focusing. It’s important to remember that this is your body’s subconscious attempt at keeping you safe from the threat of a future fire. Escaping feels safer than experiencing the mental, physical or emotional pain, so your body valiantly protects you by providing an out. 

The problem with this strategy is that it creates a growing divide between you and your body. This might mean that you have a higher pain threshold, trouble knowing what your body needs or are in pain and nothing is working to provide long lasting relief. 

There’s also a disconnect on the energetic and spiritual level. Your intuition is sending guidance, but there’s so much interference that its signal is lost. Because the mind goes into overdrive in an attempt to keep you alive and out of danger, it’s easy to focus on your logical mind for answers, at the expense of your intuition. 

There’s nothing wrong with the logical mind, but it’s important to strike a balance between logic and intuition. Our logical mind is like a muscle we develop early on. School emphasizes memorization and logic based answers. Children aren’t taught how to feel into their intuition for answers. The more we place our focus and energy on logic, the quicker it becomes our go-to for solving problems and dictating our direction in life. 

Logic has its place in healthcare. However, relying heavily on logic and not balancing it with intuition often creates a very narrow framework that we base our decisions on. Logical decisions are often centered around what’s worked in the past, things we’ve read or learned about and fear also plays a significant role in logic-based decisions. Many of our decisions come from what we don’t want or the fire we keep running away from. 

Intuition on the other hand is vast and limitless. It can challenge our beliefs and push us to do things that are out of our comfort zone. Intuitive guidance helps you to grow, whereas logic can keep you confined to the same parameters. 

Intuitive messages come from within your body. Logic stems from the mind. Logical guidance can feel fear based, but intuition speaks of growth, expansion, healing and possibilities. Your intuition knows who you are meant to become and it guides you to step into this truth. Of helping your destiny unfold and aligning with your soul. 

If you’re feeling pushback to exploring the world beyond your logic, that’s completely normal. So much of the praise we received as children was centered around our achievements and test scores. For now, just notice if you feel the need to cling to this. Our intellect can feel like a steady rock or comfort, something we’ve worked hard for. Allowing your inner wisdom to guide you could feel like stepping off a cliff. It’s the known versus the unknown and as humans we all know which one feels safer! 

But I invite you to open your mind to your intuition, especially if you’re struggling to make headway in your health or body or if it feels like you’re unsure of who you are and what you truly desire. Pain is often the fire that drives us out of our bodies. But intuition teaches us how to feel safe to come home. 

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