how to accept change in your life

How to Accept Change in Your Life

Despite having never camped before, I recently agreed to an overnight trip with a friend.

I quickly discovered that camping is one of the best ways to slow down and live in the moment. 

How is this water taking FOREVER to boil!?

If I was using my gas grill at home, these hot dogs would be cooked by now! 

Last month, my acupuncturist asked if my life is stressful. 

I’m doing work I love, I told her… and from home! My stress is low. It’s all good.

Then I’m standing by the campfire hungry and waiting on that damn spark to become a flame and that flame to grow hot enough to crisp some meat and I realize the only thing that’s boiling is my impatience. 

I feel my body tensing in weird places and I’m nervously tapping my right foot. 

My usual speed is set to Be a Productive Human. This whole camping thing is just the opposite of my “chill entrepreneur life.”

Maybe I am a little stressed. 

Whenever I want to create or change something, my pattern is to push harder. Now I have no choice but to flow with the speed of nature. 

We don’t create ease and calm and oneness by pushing. We create by letting go.

How do we hear our soul’s whisper when we’re drowning in our own chaos, anxiously trampling over any unexpected silence?

When we set out to create our lives with intention and connect with our deepest desires, we don’t do so from a place of stress and letting our thoughts and unconscious patterns run our life. 

We create from a void.  

When you invite this space and flow with the energy, you’re signaling your trust in God/creation/the universe. 

Instead of clawing through life fighting every change, can you lie on your back and allow this powerful river to naturally move you along? 

Mother Earth was inviting me to vibe at her speed. 

When I let go, I could feel the rhythm. 

When I let go even more, I realized it had been beating inside me all along. 

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