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How to Connect to Your Intuition

Do you struggle to trust your gut or to keep from picking up on everyone else’s emotions?

This is a common roadblock for so many people wishing to strengthen their connection to themselves and learn how to work with their energy. 

Working with energy isn’t like having a blueprint to build a house or a step-by-step recipe to bake a cake. Opening your intuition isn’t about memorizing and executing a bunch of steps. The same goes with managing your own energy. 

It isn’t that you haven’t read the right books or found an amazing mentor. 

The reason you’re struggling is because you haven’t done the healing work necessary to connect with your body and your energy at this deeper level. 

Like any profession — the actress who practices her lines for hours or the potter who makes 600 pots before finally crafting the perfect one — psychics, empaths, healers and energy workers must all begin by healing. 

Everyone has the ability to be a psychic or work with energy. It’s not reserved for the chosen few. Opening up your abilities is accessed by going deep within and facing the dark side of yourself. You must be willing to break apart, knowing you’ll come back together with a newfound inner strength. 

Why You’re Feeling Disconnected

Everyone has the ability to connect to their intuition. This is your inner compass, your inner knowing and guidance system. It helps you sense in your body that something is either right or wrong for you. 

It’s more of a whisper than a blaring loud speaker, so it’s vital to clear any potential interference. 

The problem is that our internal world is often filled with static and white noise!

Try this. Pause for a minute, close your eyes and notice what’s happening. 

Is there a song playing? Or is there something you’re worried about? Maybe you’re thinking about what you’ll eat for dinner.

This interference drowns out your intuition. 

Now add in the deeper interference. Any negative self talk, past beliefs causing you to feel small or stuck as well as any past traumas big or small are also blaring through the loudspeaker inside of you all day long, whether you’re conscious of them or not. 

Let’s say that an amazing new job opportunity comes your way, but you don’t have all the necessary skills they’re looking for. Your intuition might be urging you to go for it because this job is connecting you to your deeper soul purpose.

If you’re still carrying around the weight of unhealed past programming, however, you’re likely to hear this voice instead, reminding you how unqualified you are and that you’d be wasting the interviewer’s time. 

This past programming and ego voice is like the bully who keeps stealing your intuition’s lunch. Your intuition doesn’t have a fighting chance!

Your past programming is trying to keep you safe, but it’s also keeping you stuck. When you ask your intuition a question, this is often the ego-driven noise that pipes up instead, causing you to question if you’re hearing correctly and slowly driving you crazy.  

This is why it’s so easy to second guess yourself or not trust your intuition at all. 

Plus, if you were told as a child that your opinion didn’t matter or that what you instinctively wanted wasn’t correct, this can cause some serious second-guessing later in life — or completely ignoring your intuition altogether. 

Your body is asking you to heal the layers of past programming that are keeping you small and stuck. This programming is causing you to repeat patterns in your life that continue to result in the same outcome. 

How to Protect Your Energy

Healing is also an important prerequisite for successfully protecting your energy, setting boundaries around experiencing other people’s energy and emotions and to prevent feeling drained by other people. 

When you have many unhealed layers, it weighs you down. It’s like walking around with rocks in all your pockets. It slowly drains your energy and lowers your vibration and vitality. 

When your energy is low, it’s easier for lower vibrational energies to attach to your’s. Your energy field is a giant magnet and like attracts like. 

This is the Universe giving you a gentle nudge to take a closer look at your own energy and to begin to process and release some of this energy that’s stored inside you. 

We’ll be taking a closer look at what healing work entails in the next post. 

If you’re ready to begin your healing journey, I’d love to help guide you! Send me a message and let’s talk!

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