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How to Heal When You’re Social Distancing

We’re all being challenged to heal, grow and uplevel our lives right now. As we grow, we may still face moments of panic and uncertainty or feel our bodies asking for attention in certain areas. The good news is that your body was made to be self healing!

Here are some tips for tuning into your body so you can begin to feel better right now. 

Breathing and Humming

One of my favorite ways to shift stress is with the breath. Consider this a guide to finding your off switch. The video breaks down how this technique works. Essentially humming stimulates a parasympathetic or relaxing response in the body. 

Try it: 

Hum four times. At the end of each exhale, swallow, even if it’s forced. If saliva still isn’t present by the end of the fourth breath, continue until it’s produced. This is a sign that you’ve shifted into the calm side of your nervous system. 

Finger Magnets

Your hands are powerful healing tools. When your bodyworker’s hands aren’t available, use your own! 

Try it:

This video explains how to isolate certain points that need attention with your hands. You’ll begin on a spot that hurts, is tight or sore. Then you’ll let your body show you where it would like you to place another hand or finger. From there, you’ll settle in and stay on the points. This may be for seconds or minutes. Relax and breathe, moving your hands, if necessary. 

Grounding your Energy

If you’ve ever noticed your own mood dip after spending time around someone who’s grumpy or in a bad mood, then you’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like to pick up someone else’s energy. Now imagine that much of the world is currently feeling angry, scared and uncertain and you can see just how easy it is to take on this energy, which can quickly bring you down. 

One of the fastest and easiest ways to shift this is through grounding. Essentially, you’ll be pushing all this heavy energy out of your body and into the earth. This video walks you through it. Do this often! 

Calling Back Your Energy

As you move through the day, you leave little bits of your energy with different people and in previous places and situations. This can leave you feeling drained. Here’s a quick way to round up this fragmented energy and bring it back to your own body. Calling back your energy is a great practice to use any time you’re feeling drained or scattered. Watch this video and give it a try. 

What are your favorite self care tips and tricks right now? Share what’s working for you below.

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