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When the Universe Knocks on Your Front Door

The greatest gifts often come in the strangest packages. 

The Universe never fails to blow my mind. We’ve all been trudging through some pretty crazy energy for the past couple of months. For me, this energy has had me feeling stuck and frustrated, like I was standing at the bus stop waiting to be taken to the next level, but the bus never pulled up. 

This year when our Home Owners Association did their annual reviews, ours not only came back with a list of nit-picky violations, but also a personal complaint from our neighbor.

According to her, we had too many plants outside, causing our front steps to look like a jungle. Yes, we have a lot of foliage going on, but it’s mostly herbs and bonsai trees. Hardly an eyesore. We were given three weeks to move them inside or we would receive a daily fine. 

My first response was anger and frustration. How dare they go behind our backs and complain about us? When we asked them about the plants they said they weren’t a problem. Their words weren’t matching their energy and this fed the flame inside me. I felt judged and trapped in my own home. We love our house, but we know we’re starting to outgrow this place, especially the idea of living with a HOA. 

In the past, I’ve had the habit of holding my anger in until it comes out at an unexpected time or until my neck and shoulders remind me to release it. But this time when it started to build, I encouraged myself to let it out. I warned my husband of what was to come and then gave my pillow a solid beating and stomped around the house until I felt the heavy weight seep out of my body. For the first time in a week, I felt like I could think clearly. 

So I did what I always do when it feels like my back is against the wall. “Help me see things differently,” I asked the Universe.

As our plant deadline loomed closer, I kept hearing about Feng Shui. 

“It completely shifted my finances,” one friend said. “Have you tried it?”

Then a mentor mentioned the energy of my house. 

My Facebook feed started suggesting Feng Shui groups to join.

Another friend, out of the blue, shared how she had Feng Shuied her office and all the positive changes that resulted.

Then a practitioner showed up and I knew we would work together. 

I soon learned that one of the most important areas in Feng Shui is your front door. Essentially the flow of life energy (chi) begins at the outside of your house and it must have a clear path to your front door. When it doesn’t have a clear path, you can feel stuck, lack abundance or have increased struggles in your life. 

The energy of our home must match the energy of our life, of what we’re creating and consciously looking to call in. 

From the looks of it, my chi was seriously struggling to even find my front door! I work with energy every day, but I had never stopped to feel the energy of the front of my house, especially from the point of view of a guest trying to reach my front door. 

On the eve of the deadline, the plants came inside. Others were rehomed. After we were done moving them, I felt the energy shift in a big way. My husband noticed it too. 

Because I had released my anger and worked on healing my own insecurity around others judging me, I wasn’t triggered when I saw my neighbor. 

Standing in the open staircase, I stopped for a minute and acknowledged my lesson. Delivered to me from the last person I ever expected to be my teacher. 

To my surprise, I woke up the next morning to a new client. In the following days, there has been a steady trickle of abundance flowing in. 

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