What is Neuromuscular Reprogramming?

Neuromuscular reprogramming is a way of testing for and then rebalancing or reprogramming movement and coordination patterns that are causing pain or dysfunction in the body.

This is similar to a computer’s operating system and the software it runs. When your computer slows down or hangs up, clearing the cache or defragging the system often helps to fix the problem and keeps the computer running efficiently. The body operates in a similar way.

We use muscle testing to uncover the problem (essentially what’s slowing down your system). When combined with massage therapy, the body is able to learn a better, more efficient way to move that doesn’t cause pain or a limited range of motion. This reprogramming gets the system up and running optimally once again.

Essentially, neuromuscular bodywork is a way of testing and then reprogramming faulty, inefficient or painful movement patterns; massage therapy helps to integrate a new patter. Then practicing basic movements helps the body learn and integrate the new pattern into daily life. 

Who can benefit from neuromuscular reprogramming?

After an accident or injury, the body will compensate by learning new ways of moving that cause pain or aren’t as efficient. When an injury, repetitive motion or poor posture occurs, the body will recruit other muscles to step in to accomplish the task of the one that’s injured, often resulting in an imbalance, weakness or pain.

Accidents, injuries or chronic patterns of stress (among other things) can set off this system-wide alarm system, causing the body to be on alert. When we’re stuck in the this pattern of stress, the body is resistant to heal on a deeper level.

This work also teaches clients how to reduce their stress response, breathe well and encourage the body to heal itself.

Neuromuscular reprogramming helps to address these issues by helping the body learn new movement patterns. It’s essentially a gentle way to assist the body in reconnecting and learning how to function as an integrated whole again.

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