leap of faith

Why I walked away from my thriving bodywork practice in order to follow my soul’s calling

For the longest time, I was convinced I was crazy. 

Or perhaps just a really creative, vivid storyteller. 

I’d be in session with clients and images would pop into my head like quick snippets from a movie preview. 

One time it happened with a client who came to me because she had intense neck and shoulder pain. I saw her father grabbing her shoulders and shaking her as a child when she wouldn’t stop crying. 

She didn’t have a memory of anything happening to her neck or shoulders, but later her mom confirmed the incident. 

Similar experiences kept happening in my practice. 

My entire life, I’ve been called sensitive. It took me a long time to see this as a gift. 

Growing up, it meant feeling everyone else’s pain and emotions and taking them on as I felt my body twist and knot up. 

Watching movies and television was often a struggle because it was like I was living in the story, feeling everything the characters felt, unable to shake myself out of this alternate reality. It was hardly relaxing! Sometimes I felt off for days.

I always assumed there was something deeply wrong with me.

I also felt like I knew much more about people than they shared. I could always sense when someone was sick or if they were struggling. Just to pass a stranger on the street was sometimes overwhelming.  

I was always the one people came to for wisdom and advice. But I had no clue how to protect myself from taking on everyone’s problems. 

The discomfort of my job as a bodyworker increased as more of these situations kept happening in my office. I wanted so badly to help, but I had no clue what to do with this information, with what I was sensing and feeling. 

Something deep inside of me wanted to embrace it and go deeper. A part of me felt like I’ve been meant to do this all along. It was inviting me to step in. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

The Universe sent me that teacher in the form of a podcast. Someone who had just “come out” as a psychic and was sharing her experiences. She was also a medical intuitive and a healer. I didn’t know what any of those things meant, but I kept listening.

For a long time, the word psychic felt strange and foreign to me. I’d never been to one, but I’d heard all the stereotypes. 

Still, I could have listened to her talk all day. 

I was drawn in at a deep level, like a long lost part of me was finally coming home. Something inside me was beginning to stir to life. 

leap of faith

Eventually she became my mentor and helped me to see how all the things I thought I had to hide or ignore were really my unique gifts and abilities.

The hardest part of the journey to becoming a psychic and medical intuitive has been the unlearning and relearning of the truths that my human and logic-driven self was holding on to. 

As a bodyworker, I was taught to lean on logic, science, medical studies and following formulas and protocols to treat injuries and ailments. Even the applied kinesiology work was formulaic. 

I was warned not to get into emotions with clients. If someone was processing an emotion or wanted to talk, I was taught to say very little and refer them to a therapist. 

The more energy work I did, the more I saw that no two injuries or diseases are the same. Every person has their own unique energy.

People aren’t built like machines. We can’t have protocols. 

Reading the energy is the only way to understand why that person is sick or in pain and what their unique road to healing looks like. 

I also saw firsthand that encouraging people to express their emotions was the only way true healing could take place. To ignore this was to miss a huge piece of the puzzle. 

It’s the difference between pulling a weed out at the roots or simply snapping it at the stem and hoping it doesn’t regrow. 

As I kept integrating my medical intuition and energy healing into my practice, I was astounded by the results I was seeing. One client walked in barely able to move her arm and left pain free, easily able to reach her arm overhead for the first time in years.

I didn’t even touch her arm. 

When clients kept joking with me that I must be psychic or practicing some kind of voodoo magic, I knew it was time to publicly call myself a psychic healer. It was the only way to explain what I do. 

Yet it was also one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make! It felt like I was completely stepping into the unknown. 

Setting myself up to be burned at the stake or the punchline to everyone’s joke. I wasn’t into crystals and Tarot cards. I didn’t know anything about astrology.  Are you sure I should call myself a psychic?? 

Deep down, I knew what my soul desired for me to do. The pull was too strong to ignore. 

My body ached and I barely slept until the day I finally decided to go all in and publically share my new title and direction. 

None of my wildest fears came true and that day my body stopped hurting, my energy returned and I slept deeply through the night.

Further confirmation of my decision.

When the pandemic hit, I left my office and didn’t opt to renew my lease. I had no idea how I was going to make a living. Once again, I felt that pull from my soul, urging me to do this work remotely and to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. I didn’t need my hands to help others heal. 

During a time when so many people were suffering and health was at the forefront of everyone’s mind, I wanted nothing more than to be a beacon of hope and part of the solution.

I wanted to provide an empowering alternative to the modern medical model because I believe with every ounce of my being that no one is broken or incapable of healing. 

I also learned the power of trusting myself and my intuition and that, in the face of big, scary changes, you must first believe things will work out for your greatest good, even before you see it unfold in the physical world.

It’s so important to follow and trust the inner guidance that’s always showing you the next step. 

As I look back on my own journey, I see other practitioners who are at the same familiar crossroads. Those who want to open up their own gifts and integrate energy work into their practice, but don’t know where to begin.  

Is this you? 

If so, I invite you to join me in my free group Empowered Energy Healers.

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